"They used my idea without my permission!"

If you are one of those who have had their work, original idea or information stolen by individuals or companies who promised to give you money, credit or both, but didn’t, then you are one of us.

Whether you are a freelancer working from a co-working space or a consultant working from an office, or a company looking for a remote employee to work over email, you can be a victim of file misuse, and unfortunately, a solution-less problem.


DND with PitchNDA

PitchNDA is a signature under your masterpiece.

It is your stamp on your identity.

It is a watermark on your beautiful words.

It is a Do Not Disclose (DND) tag hanging outside your folder or file.

It is the belief of you being in control of your own information.

It is a torch that will help you in the dark times of credit-stealing,

word-twisting and legal-jargon games played by plagiarists to scare you away.

PitchNDA is a new-age way to share any kind of file, in any format, to anyone in the world, without the worry or insecurity of it getting misused, copied, or worse, becoming a piece of gossip. All with a simple Non Disclosure Agreement.

Share anything

You will love our minimalist file-sharing interface. Senders can email files along with a Non-Disclosure Agreement in just a few clicks. Recipients can view or download the shared files only after signing the agreement.

Access & Manage anywhere

You can store your files and contracts, and organise them the way you like. Access them from anywhere with just a few clicks.

Track & Follow-up anytime

In case, the recipient hasn't signed the NDA, you can send reminders easily and follow-up on the progress. You can even know when and how many times your file is being downloaded, instantly.

Professional Ethics and Respect.

Two age-old concepts find new meaning with PitchNDA.

We want to build a thoughtful ecosystem of online work teams working under a mutual agreement of consideration, appreciation, and recognition. Our users tell the same story about us.

Made for Quality

Made for Equality

PitchNDA is on a mission to help freelancers and employers alike, in sharing important business files with ease, efficiency, and trust. So that the focus is always on producing top-quality work, and nothing else.

Made for the future

The coming years are going to be exciting. The traditional employer-employee relationship will transform into a global network of freelancers working remotely yet collectively.

PitchNDA envisions a future made of thinkers and doers. A simple world with a complex network of ideas working towards our combined growth. An ecosystem of businesses freely exchanging information without any hassle. A community of trust.

And, the movement begins today. It begins with you!


Non Disclosure Aggrement

Work Protection

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Quality Business


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